Yo soy Chicano,

Yo soy Chicano,
I am a MexicanAmerican,
A walking-talking Rebellion,
All these hypocrisies I no longer callhomeland
Apart from this red earth,
That runs between these veins.
I carry the ghosts of ancestors in my chest,
I will stand up for those, whom you threaten,
And if you think for an instance that you will take this away from me then you will Have to pry it away from my cold dead hands.
I am Latino,
 I was birthed from struggle and soil and revolutionary fever.
From oppression and rape, colonizer and colonized alike,
I will lend my voice and hand to all those whom you seek to persecute,
Because you are not my president you are my oppressor.
And my struggle starts now,
Aqui Estamos,-La Lucha Sigue


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