Month: February 2019

Californio – identity history at a glance + Poem

{Californio}“Prior to 1854 California wasn’t even part of the United States, it belonged to Mexico. And the people who lived there were the Californios. A Californio was a Spanish speaking, Catholic person of Latin American descent born in Alta California between 1769 and 1848”see also –[Californiano] Californios Those who came before Those who were born …

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Heart of Arson (Poem)

I knew a young man who set the world around him on fire This heart of arson tied to a mother Who never could love him. I wonder how you are doing these days? Will you ever forgive yourself?Your mother?The world? I hope you find peace.

Cork, Ireland (Poem)

CorkI knew a woman of rain,Whom drew breath within the emerald isle,Flowing Auburn hair cascading across elegant drawn outcollarbones like Waterfalls,Tracing her embodiment,Radiant beside me,Tender to the touch,Subduing her, -a rebel county,Unto muted Splendor,Her tender voice like a wisping fireplace,The crisp coastal breeze kissing me in return,Two travelers pulled across fragmented moments of Eden,Maybe in another …

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