Everyday i am Afraid

Photo Via, Pexels

Every day I am afraid

Afraid that I’ll try my hardest and someone will tell me it isn’t enough

That I am not enough

Afraid they will slam the door in my face

Afraid one of these days they will realize I don’t belong here

In these science classes I feel like an Imposter.

-Me, mid-2016

Every day I am Afraid

But I get out of bed to face this day

Is that not courageous?

Perseverance in the face of uncertainty and doubt

Grandmother calls this ‘Faith’

She is on to something. 

I have come so far

For this I give thanks.

I am healthy, my heart is full and my ambition untamed

I have so much farther to go

For this too, I am thankful.
They may still try to keep me out of their academia

Slam the door in my face so to speak

-So I’ll make a window

And find a way.

-Me, now.

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