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olive groves spread out along rolling hills as far as the eyes can see
I hear beer glasses clanking and laughter 
Sunshine bearing down on cathedral steps   
A young woman dancing in the plaza alongside 
her shadow,   
Fresh tapas, and thick accents 
Where no one is ever in a hurry 
Spanish tickles my ear drum 
Playing across our lips like whiskers,   
Waking up at 5am, paying witness to haze touched loving embrace  earth before me 
Coupled Midnight skies 
Where the food sings me lightly salted lullabies under Star light skies,    
Opening me up to this strange 
Land, I am foreign here, but I swear something deep inside of me is tugging   
Like a lost traveler whose finally made his way back home,    

I’ll be back . 
Andalusia is the Southernmost Autonomous Community (Collection of States) in on the Iberian Peninsula of Spain, where I lived for one year at the impressionable age of nineteen.   

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