Long Way Home

Young men should travel

To howl at the moon
To find what was lost 
What was here all along 
Tucked away

I build a home wherever I go,
In the hearts and eyes of strangers
Two ships passing in the night

All alone
Where a man learns what is really important in this life
Of family, friendship, and adventure

Where the hard days – are still the best days
Everything a lesson

Where Burden becomes life
And breath becomes air

When the passing of days becomes like the crashing of waves
Streaming, booming, undeniable, 
Free, formless and pure

A young traveler may awake to find himself in 
The lost and found of the world 
Among the broken toys and broken men
Come so far
To other worlds than these
And yet farther yet to go still
I am a Long Way from Home
But I carry family here in my heart
If you should find yourself awake at night 
There is a peace on the road

Head on
Pack a backpack

We each have one life to give and no playback
Gotta get it right the first time
Tomorrow never promised

Just stay safe 
And have faith
And when the silence of midnight crowds in you 
Remember you are never truly alone 
No matter how far you may be
From home.
-Christian 06/01/2019 
Image via Pexels

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