Touching the Timeless

I have this daydream waking
I can close my eyes

Even now 
And it is with me
More real than any memory

Black sea
Silent and still
Three lone stars reflected
Above boundless night
Intersected by tendrils of light 
Dissipating in and out of existence like Sullen ash 
Boundlessly spreading across to the 
Very edge of perspective 
Awash in fades and hues of blue 
Giving birth to horizon 

Two radiant balls of pure light 
Endlessly across this shimmering sea
One floats just above and out of Reach 
At a leisurely yet consistent pace, 
He, the more seasoned and contained of the pair
A darker hue
Like a yellow moon
She, dances 
Above the water
Ever forward
Diving in and out 
Dancing along this brim of eternity,
Pure joy and weightlessness 
A softer 
Vibrant yellow
Pulsating gently
Form full and pure 

I could not tell you where life began
Or where it will end
But I imagine it is there 
A place beyond time

Where ripples echo unending 
Here in the birthplace of eternity
Where two lights
Dance ceaselessly
Across the endless shimmering sea
Three stars watching 
Here in the final resting place, expanse,
Photo by Sam Kolder from Pexels

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