“73rd and Utopia” Summer Writing Exercise

Bucket List Poetry

It was there
In the kitchen
A place where happiness once bloomed 
A story of infatuation paved with fresh potting soil 
Days gone by 
Here the old woman wept alone
Left behind 

Their apartment once a vibrant meeting ground for St. Johns student activists 
Her the gracious host, her husband the enigmatic shop Stewart
How the other men would listen when he seldom spoke
How the other college girls eyes looked on as he spun her around the living room
Dancing nights away well into the night
Felt like another lifetime
Like a world away

She sits alone at the kitchen table
The scene around her teetering on decrepit
Checkerboards with missing pieces
Chewed up cat toys
Church prayers pouring out over the morning radio
Furniture all wrapped in plastic
Matches mixed with stale air 
Cheap curtains and garage sale furniture bought with her late husband’s pension
Photos of grandchildren who never visit line the walls 

If we are being honest their marriage never was based in love
But years passed and they grew comfortable enough
By the time he passed she was already too old she had thought
To visit Paris like she always wanted
To see the Eiffel tower dance and dance and dance
But these days her back ached and her mind was foggy 
The kids had moved away to Oregon and never came back

This is how the world ends 
On an old 5th floor walk-up on 73rd and Utopia in Queens
Not with a bang 
But with a whisper 
like a candle shut out in the rain

Christian, July 18th , 2019 

A Notebook Daily has put on a series of Summer Writing Prompts

I have copied today’s here for you: 

“For today, June’s first writing exercise we will write pieces which include three things that must be integral to the story, as in don’t have a line of throwaway dialog that uses the words to get them out of the way. If you plan on doing that, just write what you’re going to write anyway and come back to this later when you don’t have an idea to work from.


Place: Kitchen.
Thing: Potting soil.
Writing aspect: Use at least 8 words that include the “ch” sound. “

Want to take the challenge? Share with me what you come out with.

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