“Not Entirely Unbroken” Summer Writing Exercise 3


Not Entirely Unbroken

Here the Boy Stands
Young and full of ambition
A belly full
An aching heart 
Looking for a reason
Not knowing he is the reason
They send him to school
Sit up 
Shut up
Just listen 
They tell him
Just do as you are told
Don’t ask too many questions
Keep a low profile
And you too can own a pricey car loan
A mortgage, blood pressure and dick pills
Your birthright they call it 
Don’t rock the boat
Or ask too many questions.
Here the Man Weeps
Beatin and broken down by a sick world
They tell him he’s lost his way
They tell him that he deserved it
That the feeling in his gut – the way things are twisted up inside 
They tell him this is his birthright
A man, nothing more than a body made a gun
They point at him and shame 
Where have his dreams gone
He has no time to think
To read
To be
The bills due in full
No time to ask a question
Like how did life ever come to this
Almost as if it was
All by design
Here a Nation Waits Not Entirely Unbroken 
For a change to come
For full bellies
And strong families
For a touch of compassion
An end to broken men and sullen shoulders
When do we put an end 
To the way, they stole our dreams from us
Rented back to us 
What about a new way
An easier way
Photo by Victor via Pexels

“For today, June third’s writing exercise, or writing prompt if you sill, will be celebrating the number Three. I will provide three titles, you have a number of ways you can use them:

  • A) Pick one title and write a piece that fits that title. 
  • B) Pick one title and work the other titles into the piece. 
  • C) Write three short (or long) pieces that are completely separate (or roughly linked). 
  • D) Write one piece in three sections, using the titles for each section. 
  • E) Mash up the titles and use two or all three as the title for a fitting piece. 
  • F) Whatever you want. 


  1. Not Entirely Unbroken
  2. Shrinking Jawbreakers
  3. An Hour Before the Fair Closed”
Take a crack at it if you’d like 

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