The War of Art

War Of Art
Somedays all we have are small victories

A smile
A cup of coffee
Take the stairs

Somedays we win the battle
But inside it feels like we lost the war
Somedays we lose
and Drowning
In the depths of pain and shame,
Adversity and doubt
It’s the little things that can make all the difference

But breathe will come 
Fresh air fills your lungs
Puts wind in your step 
Illuminates the silver lining
A path forward

Somedays all we have are small victories

So enjoy them
Let it wash over you 
Where the light has driven out the dark
If only for a moment
The largest of victories are built off a foundation of small ones
And so we celebrate
Laugh and cheer
We laugh at what incredible power we gave voluntarily 
To the shadows that follow us daily
How we let the battle define us
And so we learn
To dust ourselves off

Let it go

Because tomorrow brings more battles
More lessons to be learned
And not so small victories

-Christian, June, 19
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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