September 27, 1925

Granpa's favorites

Grandpa passed away when I was in the third grade.
But I remember his presence, grew up in his home.
Recognize the way people admire him, even today.

But if I could

I’d ask my grandfather his favorite color
To remember his voice,

I’d ask him about the war so I too could
Know what it was like to be strong
When everything is broken

I’d ask him if he was proud of me
I’d ask him what it means to be a man

Ask him if I too would ever fall in love one day
And build a family

I’d ask him why the world hurts so much,
Why we break young men down
Instead of teaching them how to fly,

I’d ask him why my brother has trouble walking some days
I’d beg him for a reason

Just to tell me there’s a purpose

Beyond – the pain

I’d give my grandfather a crown
Made of seeds
Of all the hopes and dreams of a
Family who Loved him sooooooo much

Who relied on him
Admired him

How that was taken away from them,

The miracle of life, Out of death
Learning to grow & walk in our own

Thank you.

-Christian, September 17, 2019

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