Always Running

A day comes when we must leave homeLike salt water in the veins, they sayAlways runningI can’t explain it.Not running from problemsFrom homeFrom self Or Family.Leaving to find answersTo continue picking up the piecesTo live a life worth leadingWith no regretsand to come home one day.Different now More whole than present momentBalanced, strong, capable, fearless And whole.Photo by veeterzy from Pexels

Cork, Ireland (Poem)

CorkI knew a woman of rain,Whom drew breath within the emerald isle,Flowing Auburn hair cascading across elegant drawn outcollarbones like Waterfalls,Tracing her embodiment,Radiant beside me,Tender to the touch,Subduing her, -a rebel county,Unto muted Splendor,Her tender voice like a wisping fireplace,The crisp coastal breeze kissing me in return,Two travelers pulled across fragmented moments of Eden,Maybe in another …

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Día De Los Muertos 2018. San Francisco

A month later, Día De Los Muertos 2018 On November 2nd I attended the Día De Los Muertos celebration in the Mission District. Streets were filled as we witnessed processions, saw altars and art installation, where Marigold flowers abounded. We also stopped by the Mission Cultural Center to view the “Flight of the Ancestors” exhibit. …

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Airplane window view.


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Oaxaca; There is a kingdom in the skyWhere clouds are kingWhere providence kissesThe earth to sleep at night,Stars draped in Silence,Where men live for the earth,Not in spite of it,Where waterfalls run upwardsand backwards,Where…